Post Invoices to External System


Task Performed by: AP Manager

  1. On the left side navigation panel, click on 'Ready To Post'.                                                     
  2. From the 'Ready for posting' section on the left, select the Invoice(s) that you want to post to Quickbooks. The selected Invoices will now show up in the ‘Selected for posting’ section on the right. 
  3. Once you have selected all the Invoices to post, select all the Invoices in the ‘Selected for posting’ section and then click on the 'Post' button on the right (as shown below). 
  4. The status of whether the selected Invoice(s) transported successfully to external system or not is displayed on the ‘Export Details’ section. If the selected Invoice(s) fails to post, you can either choose to ‘resend’ (or re-post) the Invoices or edit the Invoice to correct any errors on the Invoice.
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