Submit Invoice to Exception Handling (No Goods Receipt)

Task Performed by: AP Processor, AP Manager

  1. Create a new Invoice.                                                                                                      
  2. Once you click on the ‘Submit’ button, the ‘Invoice Destination’ pop-up pops up.                  
  3. On the ‘Invoice Destination’ pop-up, select ‘Exception Handling’. On the Target User drop-down, select a Requester (who created the Invoice) or a Central Receiver who can create a Goods Receipt (GR) for the Invoice in question. 
  4. Enter comments/instructions on the Comments field that you want the Requester to follow or be mindful of. This is optional.                                                                                      
  5. Click on the ‘Submit’ button. The Invoice will transition to ‘Exception’ status and available under the ‘Exceptions’ status page.      
  6. Once the Requester or Central Receiver creates a Goods Receipt, the Invoice would return back to you and the ‘Goods Receipt’ error would no longer appear and permit you to submit the Invoice for approval.
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