Intercept and Code Invoice

AP Managers can intercept and ‘code’ an Invoice that is pending ‘coding’ from an Approver or Processor (who can code) who is away on vacation or is taking an abnormally long time to code an Invoice.

Task Performed by: AP Manager

  1. Click on ‘Invoice Status’ from the left navigation bar and navigate to ‘Coding’ status tab.      
  2. From the list of Invoices on the ‘Coding’ status tab, locate the Invoice that requires coding and click on the Invoice Number field.     
  3. On the ‘Invoice Details’ page, scroll down to the line-item and click on the ‘calculator’ icon located on the far right of the line-item. 
  4. Enter the accounting information and click on the ‘tick’ icon. 
  5. Press ‘Submit’ and select the ‘Return’ option to return the Invoice back to the AP Processor. The AP Processor can view the Invoice in his/her ‘Tasks’ on the Invoice page.
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