Manage Presets (Apply All)

While in the Create Purchase Request screen, you have the ability to apply Line Item Details from one item, to other items in the Request. This section addresses how to use the Manage Presets option when using the Apply to All functionality. See the Apply to All Function section for more information. If you would like to start from the Request process from the Homepage, refer to additional Create a Request sections.

  1. You are already in the Create Purchase Request screen. Select the Line Items you would like to update with the same information by checking the boxes next to them.
  2. Click the Apply to All button. A pop up will appear.       
  3. Select the grey Manage Presets tab.
  4. The Select Account Preset drop down menu defaults to New, but if you would like to edit a preset that you have created beforehand, you may select it here and continue to make the necessary changes.
  5. Type in a Name for your new Account Preset.
  6. Select an Account Category from the drop down menu. Your options are variable based on you organization’s Accounting configuration preferences.
  7. Once the Account Category drop down is selected, the corresponding Cost Object drop down menu appears. Cost Center happens to be the Cost Object shown in this example.
  8. Click the Save button. You will see a green notification flash that you have successfully created a new Accounting Preset.
  9. To use this preset, navigate back to the Apply All tab. This step is being executed assuming that the Line Items that need to be amended already have the check boxes selected prior to this in step #1.
  10. Make your selection from the Select Account Preset drop down menu and the corresponding information will populate below.
  11. Select the Tax Code and Split Accounting if needed. This is not a required step.
  12. Click the Apply Changes button. You will be returned to the Line Item Overview (not pictured) and your selected Line Items will be updated with the Preset information.
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