Split Account Assignment

While in the Create a Request screen, you have the choice to amend the Line Item Details of the items or services you have selected. This section outlines how update the Account Assignment of an individual Line Item. If you would like to start from the Request process from the Homepage, refer to the relevant Create a Request sections.

  1. From the Purchase Request screen, locate the item you would like to update and click on the linked item Description.
  2. Scroll down to the Accounting section.
  3. Choose how to split the Account Assignment—by Quantity, by Value or by Percent.
  4. Choose an Account Category (i.e. Cost Center) from the drop down menu. The Cost Object options will automatically update based on your selection.
  5. Choose the corresponding Cost Object.
  6. Enter your Quantity, Value or Percent for the first part of your Accounting Split.
  7. Input the split information for the second Account Category.
  8. If more than two splits are needed, click the + button and continue filling out the relevant information for each until completed.
  9. Scroll down and click the Save button to update the Line Item. (not pictured)
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