Line Item Functions & Anatomy

  1. Line Item Checkboxes: Used in correspondence with the Apply to All Function. (see #10 for full description)
  2. Part Number: Where the Part Number appears for Catalog Items. The Requester is able to manually input the Part Number for Non-Catalog Free Text Request Line Items by clicking into the Line Item Details and updating this information. Part Numbers are required for any Line Item that will be electronically transmitted from Purchase Manager to the vendor.
  3. Quantity: Where the Requester can review and update the Line Item Quantity before Request submission.
  4. Trash Can Icon: Click the Trash Can to delete a specific Line Item.
  5. Paper Icon: This is the Duplicate Line Item function.
  6. Paperclip Icon: Use this to add an attachment to a specific Line Item. If adding an attachment for the entire Request, it is recommended to add attachments at the header level. (see #9 for Header Level Attachments)
  7. Add Line Item: How to add a new Non-Catalog Free Text Request Line Item.
  8. Upload Line Items: Requesters can bulk line items by using this function. An item template can be completed instead of searching or creating items manually. See the Item Upload section for more information.
  9. Add Attachment (at the Header Level): The Add Attachment button allows users to attach supporting documentation at the Header Level. This is in contrast to the Paperclip Icon, which uploads attachments by individual line item.
    Apply to All: Requesters have the ability to apply Line Item Details from one item to other items within the same Request. This includes Accounting and Tax information.
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