Create a Bulk Item Upload Request

Purchase Manager allows Requesters to create Requests using the Bulk Item Upload feature directly from the Create Request screen. This is particularly useful when there is a Request with several dozens of Line Items, as it is an alternative to creating or searching for Line Items one at a time.

1. Start the process by downloading the Excel Bulk Item Upload Template. This is available on the Vroozi Zendesk support page,
2. Examples of Line Items are available on the template, however, make sure to delete these out when preparing your template.
3. Fill out the template information into the spreadsheet and save it to your computer.
4. Once completed, log into Purchase Manager.


5. Click the Create Request button from the blue navigation bar. (not pictured)
6. Review and update the Purchase Request information at the top, like Request Name and Shipping Address if needed.
7. Click the Upload Line Item(s) button.

8. Follow your computer’s prompts to select the Line Item template that you completed beforehand. Your Line Items will automatically be uploaded.
9. If there is any required information that is missing, the system will provide notifications in red of what needs attention. These messages vary. Once the items listed are addressed, continue to step #10.

10. Review your uploaded line items for accuracy.
11. Add any Approver or Supplier Notes. This is optional.
12. Click the Submit button.

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