Purchase Manager Release Information 12/29/2016

What’s New

Admin UI Features

  1. There is a new feature called the "Quickbooks Connector" in the Administrator panel that allows an integration with Quickbooks Online with Purchase Manager in the Invoice module. The Admin is now able to upload and send the CSV file using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). In order to enable the connection, the Administrator needs to fill out the required information in order to make the connection between invoicing files and the external invoicing system.
  2. The Administrator is able to configure Document Settings to either include or hide the Goods Receipt functionality based on the PO Type--i.e. Products, Services, Invoice Plans, and Blanket Requests. This allows the Admin to determine whether a 2 or 3-way match is required.
  3. When a new user is created, they are displayed as "inactive" to Admins until a password is created. Then, after password creation, the user is listed as "active" user and this status is visible to the Administrator.
  4. An entirely new section of the Invoice Module is available. "Accounts Payable Settings" is located on the right hand side of the Admin screen on the blue navigation bar.
  5. The Administrator is now able to set a default address and Company Code directly from the Administrative panel.
  6. Administrators can now turn on the Goods Receipt Requirement functionality to set a dollar about threshold for a three way match between the Purchase Order, Invoice, and Goods Receipt. For example, if the threshold is set at $10, and the total cost of the PO, invoice, and Goods Receipt match $10 of each other, a Goods Receipt would not be required. If the 3-way match exceeds this $10 threshold, then a Goods Receipt is required for accuracy.
  7. When creating or editing a Supplier as an Administrator, the Good Receipt Required toggle can be turned on and off. When "Off," Purchase Manager will require only a 2-way match; when "On," the system requires a 3-way match between a PO, Invoice, and Goods Receipt executed by the original Requester or a Central Receiver.

Accounts Payable UI Features

  1. A new email template has been created that notifies Accounts Payable that an Invoice has been approved or rejected.
  2. The AP users now have access to a new dashboard that displays the Invoice Status, Approval Tracking and Exceptions.
  3. For the new Invoice Module, there is a Track Status page that allows AP users to see the status of each invoice. This includes Pending, Approved & Rejected Invoices.
  4. In the new Accounts Payable Dashboard, AP is able to access and preview all of the organization's Incoming Invoices and Refine them Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest, by Date Range, and by Specific Date. Users can also view the PO details by clicking on any of the Incoming Invoices to display this information.
  5. There has been an addition of a Company Code field in the Invoice section that allows Accounts Payable users to select the proper codes when creating an invoice.

Approval Features

  1. There is a new and improved email template for Approved Requests that are sent to the original Requester after approval and a PO Number is created.

Buyer Features

  1. The Purchase Order Change Request user experience has been enhanced where a new Line Item gets created and highlighted when a Requester tries to change the Quantity of an existing PO. The existing Line Item is instead duplicated to have an editable Quantity Field within the PO Change Request.
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