smartOCI V2 Release Information - 12/29/2016

What’s New

Shopper UI Features

  1. When a Shopper is viewing the Item Details, there is a new field that displays the Item Quantity On Hand. This allows them to see the current inventory available.

Admin UI Features

  1. On the Catalog Overview page for Admins, there is now an Item Approval Summary area that allows users to check the item status boxes to filter results. The status checkbox options include Pending, Approved and Rejected Items.
  2. On the Supplier Detail page, the Content View records would previously display every Content View, and the user would have to scroll through records to see them. Now, pagination is applied to the records, and Administrators are able to view 10 at a time per page and click back and fourth though these pages.

Supplier UI Features

  1. The Supplier Detail page now has a catalog accordion that expands to display the associated catalog Summary information for that vendor.

Fixed Issues

Admin UI Fixes

  1. The Catalog Upload feature in the Administrator interface would allow users to click on the red Error Report before the actual report was completed. This has been fixed, and the Catalog Error Report is only clickable after the processing is finished.
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